28 November - 29 November 2017

RBBF 2017 responds to the need to develop bilateral dialogue and support trade and investment projects in the new economic environment


The purpose of RBBF is to develop economic relations and trade and investment cooperation between Russia and international business stakeholders. The participants of RBBF evaluate the market dynamics and international trade relationships, identify the key economic trends and investors' interests, and set up ways of expanding bilateral and multilateral trade and economic cooperation.

RBBF 2017 Agenda

  • Priorities for trade and investment policies of Russia and the UK
  • The prospect of the UK opening the door to full-scale economic cooperation with Russia as a consequence of leaving the EU
  • New zones of economic growth and perspectives for cooperation in the energy sector, manufacturing, agriculture, medicine, transport, financial services, IT and other economic sectors
  • Trust-based relationships between investors and changes in approach to investing in Russia and the UK
  • Ways of building mutually beneficial relationships between international investors and Russian regional centres of power
  • Business-stimulating innovative ideas which are in demand today both in Russia and the UK
  • Opportunities for cooperation with Russian sports organisations and cultural institutions

Russian-British Business Forum is organised by the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation and the Trade Delegation of the Russian Federation in the United Kingdom.
Registration to RBBF 2017 is now open. Find out more about the event on the RBBF website.

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