25 November 2015

Richard Davies has published two stunning books of photographs of Russia: the first, Wooden Churches – Travelling in the Russian North, was published in 2011, and his second book, Russian Types & Scenes (2014) (reviewed in the August issue of the East-West Review) captures a whole range of Russians at play, at worship, etc., and in it he rekindles the spirit of the St Petersburg photographer William Carrick (1827-78) who took photographs of tradespeople, peasants, priests, and many more. He has many fascinating stories to tell, as well as showing some magnificent and unique photographs.

Richard Davies works as a photographer. Since 2002 he has travelled extensively in Northern Russia. In 2011 he published his book 'Wooden Churches: Travelling in the Russian North', and just this month, he published its companion volume 'Russian Types & Scenes', which documents the people and places met with during his incredible journey.

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7 p.m.